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"Just got out the shower and used the Egyptian Amber 100% Natural Sugar Scrub I just purchased....I'm gonna sleep like a baby!!!" - Felicia

I wore my handmade earrings I purchased from Simply "She" and I received compliments from soooo many, women of all ethnicities.  They were definitely a conversation piece. - Alice

"OMG the Body Butter is the bomb!!!" - Joannie

"There's nothing like Simply "She" Boutique's Sugar Scrub when you need a real good rub.  You will, no doubt, feel smooth, clean & refreshed all at such a great price!" -Bea 

"I purchased the Vanilla Brown sugar scrub based on a friend’s recommendation. It’s wonderful. It leaves the skin soooo soft and takes away the need for additional lotion. I’m also a handbag customer…whenever I’m looking for a handbag it’s off to Simply "She" Boutique" - Sheila

I love how the Whipped Butters can be used on both my hair and skin.  It leaves my skin so soft and I achieve the best twist out styles. - Loretta

"Simply "She" Boutique - you have done it once again. Off with the old skin, on with the new skin. This natural sugar scrub leaves your body so smooth, soft and moisturized. No lotion needed!!" - F. Wilson


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